New York Skateboarding Every Day




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9/11 had a huge impact on New York skateboarding with the loss of friends, family members as well as an amazing skate spot. Zoo York put...

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RIP Keenan Milton (1974 – 2001)

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Rest In Peace Keenan Milton (8/4/1974 –...

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Photo & Video Recap: Andy Kessler Day (2011)

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(Brooklyn, NY) The Andy Kessler Foundation worked with Vans and put together the first ever Andy Kessler Day at the House of Vans....

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RIP Justin Pierce (1975 – 2000)

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Cab’s Autumn Bowl Session with Alva (2009)

Posted by on 03/11/2011 in Shops, Spots & Parks

Found this post on Steve Caballeros blog. It includes photos from a session at the Autumn Bowl back in the Summer of 2009 with Cab, Tony...

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Free Lunch With Sean Sheffey via Shred Or Die (2010)

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Legendary Sean Sheffey talks about his blonde afro, the Rick McCrank incident, Crazy Sheffey, prison, 21 months without...

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Remembering Justin Pierce

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Justin Pierce (March 21st, 1975 – July 10th,...

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Remembering Keenan Milton via The Chrome Ball Incident

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Keenan Milton (August 4th, 1979 – July 4th,...

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Andy Kessler Donation Site

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KCDC has setup a donation site for the family of Andy Kessler, to help out with the funeral costs. Any donations would be greatly...

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Autumn Bowl Session for Kessler on (2009)

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Saturday night’s Autumn Bowl session for Andy Kessler made it onto the landing page of last...

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Andy Kessler Featured in New York Magazine (2005)

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Back in June, 2005 Andy was recognized in a New York Magazine article titled “Dogtown East“. Definitely read this if you...

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