Meet Kyle Matthew Hamilton – The Skateboarding Globetrotter (2013)


We accidentally came across Kyle Matthew Hamilton one night and couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Kyle was skating solo on a small paved street in between two apartment buildings late at night throwing down some crazy freestyle tricks. You might recognize him from skating Pier 62 as well, as he also skates transition and street. Super nice dude with some insane talent so we’re proud to introduce this promo video he made trying to get into the Cirque du Soleil. Kyle loved the Harlem Globetrotters growing up and is obsessed with freestyle skating and it shows… watch the video titled “The Skateboarding Globetrotter” embedded below to see for yourself.

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  • annalee heady

    boy kyle way to go your grandmother Wilma is realy proud of you &she told me where to go on my pc.her mom,&dad were very good friends with my parents the wakefields &my name is annalee heady &im very proud of you too. keep it up you will become famous. nov.1-2013

  • Heather

    Went to school with this boy. my cousin Josh. and him skated together